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Restaurant services

Knife Exchange / Sharpening

Our Knife Exchange Program is the way to go for commercial kitchens that want to concentrate on cooking, not daily knife maintenance. A Razor Edge supplies popular heavy-duty professionally sharpened knives. Then, automatic deliveries arrive at agreed intervals with an identical duplicate set of knives that are cleaned, sharpened, and ready for use. We swap out the old for the new while you just keep on cooking.

How much does it cost?

Around $2-$3 per knife, based on frequency of service and quantity of knives.


How does it work?

We supply all the knives or you can purchase them. Your kitchen uses one set of knives while we sharpen a duplicate set at our off-site shop. We return on a regular schedule, always keeping sharp knives at your staff's fingertips.

Get started soon!

Call for a consultation to determine the brand, style, quantity of knives, and the frequency of service.  We'll have fresh, sharp knives in your hands all the time!

Slicer / Grinder
Blade and Plate Sharpening

We also service many types of professional slicers and grinders, often from our mobile shop while delivering your knives.  Contact us for a consultation on what equipment you need serviced and how often.

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