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A little about

the bladesmith...

In the late 1970’s, Dennis worked with a master machinist learning the machining and sharpening of tools.  He learned about the properties of metals and became skilled in forging, hardening, tempering and sharpening steel.  In the years that followed he worked with aluminum, copper, iron, lead and other metals.  While apprenticing with his father he learned the proper use and care of all types of hand and power tools.


Through the years, Dennis acquired training in the precision sharpening of high end chef knives, beautician and sewing shears, as well as ‘honing’ his skills sharpening all other types of tools and implements.


Depending on the edge being serviced, Dennis now applies both modern and traditional methods to his sharpening, from hand honing using Japanese water stones, to modern belt grinders and flat hones.  Dennis has applied his craft to a mobile sharpening business servicing Sequim and the north Olympic Peninsula.

See examples of Dennis' work on Instagram at:

what his customers say...

"My sewing shears always come back polished and sharper than they were new!" - Melissa W., Seamstress and Quilter

"I trust Dennis with my expensive chef's knives.  The professional edge he puts on them is scary sharp and lasts" - Shirley R., Chef

"Dennis knows his tools and finest wood chisels come back with a perfect edge every time" - Don S., Professional Woodworker

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